Page 8 - 2017 Big Smile Holiday Flyer
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Fanciful8CrsCuCrrrreeeeaaattturtureeesssSerena Pink MERMAIDSoft, huggable sitting mermaid wears a tiara atop her long, brushable pink hair. Hairbrush included! 15" long. Ages 2+.DCT1694$26.99Narwhal Board BookSpike the Narwhal comes to life in his own toddler book! The 6" square board book has a plush front cover and a unique story. Ages birth+.DCT6702 $12.99NarwhalPlayful Spike the Narwhal is a 19" supersoft & loveable aqua plush toy! Narwhals are the unicorn of the sea – but for real! Ages 2+. DCT4129 $16.99My Fai.Kl1th11111bl0000 pbefefaae sairK9.9.KKKKruuutzp ppprssuryLLyrrrrooooumy wLUUUjjjjemmww wwi88ittzzzzzz JKids will love grnt twith this fairy wedseeeeccccctmmth81ttttssssooJ JJriirs aonh th111155aaa aanihhhi59irrrryannnnndingis....yyy Wdddddred sg a vis m96m mWW WW Wieeeletlcspppmagica60tcopeiinoeeeccciisit0 $1999WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.iiiisng tmmiiiisssshaaaalt ftiy mainll ial crahhhh Kngg kiinfronsoafkitsstftKK KKittm trrrut kiuuiitag. Cucttheitt.Age9tgiCotteiiiicaomoonir falmpnnnsfal fsfriles, tavesvvetvot teente wthoos 44hhhherrrri4+iieeeyit++++.tte..dwityyyy’e’’’llllllll

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